Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Liked Them! You Really Liked Them!

So our inaugural Frame Sale was a success!

A big thanks to everyone who came out, shared their thoughts and ideas with us about the frames, to those who are spreading the word about them and of course, to those who decided to bring some home with them.

And so, due to the over whelming positive feedback, and the request for more frames by many interested parties, we've been back at, building away.

The plan is to have enough ready to do another sale on Saturday December 19th, 1pm - 3pm.

For those of you who don't know, we are located 5 minutes south of Yorkdale mall, right on the subway line.

Which means we are super easy to find once you get tired of battling the crowds in the mall that are fighting to get same old boring generic gifts. Because when I tell you these frames are the perfect gift I really mean PERFECT! Caps, bold, and italic perfect.

Any aunt, grandma, parent, or girlfriend would loose their mind if gifted with one of these frames and a card filled few special photos to put in it.

Prices range from $20 - $80.

Seriously. Can we make this any easier for you?

Contact us with any questions or for more details.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's A Frame Sale!

Get excited people because, the boys (Kevyn & Rob) and I got together and made about 50 of our ever so famous, refurbished - retro frames, in the easy to change magnetic format and we're putting them up for sale!

With their sleek gallery inspired look, the frames are designed to showcase everyone's photos as the work of art they are.

And, since each photo can be changed with the simple flick of a magnet, the frames are ideal for any photography enthusiast. Print and change, print and change, print and change. Fun!

Also the perfect gift for any new grandparent who won't accept emailed jpegs and WANTS ACTUAL PHOTOS of the new little bundle joy. Give them one frame, bring a new picture every visit and a hero you become.

Of course, we also think the frames create a gorgeous signature accent wall when clustered together and filled with moments of your life. So don't feel bad if you come to the sale and only buy for yourself... it happens.

November 22nd 2009 - contact us for details.